Islip Solar Park, Northamptonshire

Client: Stepnell Limited and Wirsol Solar UK
Contract Value: £12m
Programme: 10 weeks
Completion Date: September2011
Form of Contract: JCT Intermediate 2011
Contracts Manager: Glen Moran
Quantity Surveyor: Glen Moran
Site Manager: Andy Higham
Engineer: Wirsol Solar UK

The 5 megawatt ‘Solar Park’ is constructed on a secure site of approximately 40 acres, which accommodates around 20,000 photovoltaic panels fitted to steel and aluminium lattice framework which is supported on more than 4,000 driven post foundations. The panels are grouped into ‘tables’ which connect to inverters that convert DC current generated from sunlight into AC current, this then feeds through transformers into the national grid.

The ‘Park’ can generate about 4,500,000kWh per annum which is enough zero carbon electricity to power 1,350 homes.

The Solar Park has a design life of more than 30 years with very low maintenance requirements and consequently a much lower whole life cost when compared with other forms of zero carbon energy production.

Stepnell provided the project finance and undertook the role of Project Management and Principal Contractor.