Ivor Goodsite helps Worcester pupils stay safe


A special visitor helped pupils at Dines Green Community Primary School, Worcester, learn about staying safe by staying clear of building sites.

Stepnell organised the visit by Considerate Constructors Scheme mascot Ivor Goodsite who talked to pupils about the possible dangers associated with construction activity. The fun presentation reinforced the serious message that children and young people should never view construction sites as playgrounds.

New care development

Stepnell is working locally on Sanctuary Group’s major new care development in Worcester at the Sanctuary Grove site in St John’s, building a 60-bed care home, a 60-unit extra care scheme and a mix of 40 close care apartments and bungalows.

Stepnell assistant site manager Adam Boyce says: “Keeping everyone safe is always a priority for Stepnell. As part of this, we help children and young people learn about the potential dangers involved with construction activity so that they fully understand why it’s so important that building sites should never be seen as somewhere to play. We want them all to take the message on board that they should never go unsupervised on to a construction site, something which is particularly important with the school summer holidays about to begin. The children at Dines Green Primary were really receptive and asked some great questions.”

Dines Green headteacher Steve Gough adds: “The children listened intently to the messages from Ivor and took on board everything that was said. Thank you Ivor for helping to keep us safe.”

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